Fabric And Printing Disclaimer


  • Our materials are created and handled by human hands through a variety of techniques.
  • There will undoubtedly be differences in color, polish, and overall appearance.
  • The colors you see on our website will vary depending on the accuracy of your display, so please keep this in mind.
  • Our website includes washing recommendations for each product description.
  • These wash / dry clean directions must be strictly followed.
  • Please avoid putting deodorant, mist, or perfume directly on the garment, especially if it has Gold or Silver prints.
  • Each clothing item has a unique drape and fit. The fit of any garment is determined by the cut, fabric, and style.
  • All of our outfits are made using superior materials that have been hand-selected by our staff. All of our prints are hand-blocked and may vary slightly from batch to batch. All images are for representation reasons only and are shot to look as similar to the exact product purchased as possible, but may have minor color changes from the actual product.
  • For the majority of our items, we employ an "all over print" design, and the placement of the artwork may alter from that depicted in the image.
  • A minor color change from the displayed product picture is possible. A camera or a computer display cannot always mimic the viewpoint of the human eye. A small variance is unavoidable.
  • As the cloth is colored with natural, vegetable dyes, it may rub dry or bleed color when first exposed to water.
  • Gad, Reikh and Datta Blocks : The gad is carved in intaglio and is used to imprint vast background motifs, leaving a very faint zig-zag border appearance on the cloth, whereas the rekh and datta are carved in entire relief. Rekh blocks are also used to outline the design.

Washing Care: 

  • Hand-wash with a moderate detergent. Never soak a cotton dress and never wash it with another piece. In the shade, dry inside out. Dry cleaning is preferred, however, hand washing is alright.
  • Taking care of your clothing will keep them appearing nice, fresh, and clean for a longer period of time.
  • The steps below will assist you in extending the life of your cotton clothing.
  • Water is valuable. Carefully wash your apparel when absolutely essential. Airing it out after each use will keep it fresh for a number of uses.
  • We hand-wash our clothes. Do not immerse them in the washer or dryer.
  • All of our cotton are either handloom woven or block printed by hand.
  • Moderate shrinking is possible.
  • When applying scents to handmade clothing, exercise extreme caution because the components may cause your garments to lose pattern or stain. Spray softly into the air in front of you before simply walking into the spritz.
  • Certain fabrics like Indigo, for example, may lose extra color. Excessive bleeding can occur with some ikats and block-printed fabrics. In these instances, it is recommended that you dry clean the items at a reliable dry cleaner. In other circumstances, hand-wash the clothing gently.


  • Sort your garments by color. Only wash items of similar colors together.


  • Fill a bucket halfway with cold water and add a tiny amount of mild detergent. Soak the clothing for five minutes within a soapy solution. Do not soak for an extended period of time. Garments that have been pre-soaked must be cleaned right away.


  • The stained portions can be softly rubbed by hand. Use a brush or a solid bar of soap instead. Rinse the item several times in cold water to thoroughly remove the detergent.


  • The last dip in a diluted solution of liquid starch will give the garment a crisp finish. Do not over-wring.